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What is WNETcoop?

WNETcoop is an alliance between the World Council of Credit Unions Services Group (WSG), World Data (WD), Credit Union Networks and Credit Union Associations committed to Credit Union principles, goals and to make them competitive. WNETcoop is a cloud based platform that consists on a core financial system, an operations console, multiple financial and non-financial stakeholders fully integrated and the support of internal and external Apps. WNETcoop offers to donate to Credit Unions the one time end user licenses reaquired to access its platform, to Credit Unions that enroll in active membership growth program.


The creation of a global platform to enable cooperatives to collaborate with local and international stakeholders to share and leverage global services and resources to create local value for their communities.


Enable Credit Unions with programs to:

  • Increment their Membership.
  • Increment Revenue.
  • Reduce Costs


Enabling collaboration among cooperatives to share new and existing cloud based services.





Empowering cooperatives with local and global partners to increase their value creation capability.

  • Central Banks: e.g. US Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Processors: e.g. (NDA).
  • Credit Union Networks: e.g. Instant Credito.
  • Credit Unions/Cooperative associations: e.g. World Council of Credit Unions Service Group.
  • Cooperatives’ federations/operators: e.g. RTC.

  • Pre-paid card issuers: e.g. IP Juke Box.
  • Program Managers: e.g. (NDA).
  • Call Centers: e.g. WDI call center net.
  • Cloud Providers: e.g. MS Azure with WDI financial cloud.
  • IDCs: e.g. Cogent.
  • Tech Companies: e.g. World Data, Pactum, IP, JukeBox…

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    Integrating local and global players with a core financial system for the benefit of every single cooperative.

  • METS (Mobile Engine Transactions Solutions)
    – core banking.
  • METS console – service operations control training videos (contract required).
  • WalletOn – P2P.
  • WalletOn Video: P2P.

  • WDI cloud – secure financial cloud.
  • CERT - WDI - compliance certification system.

  • Benefits

    Sharing a global network so that each cooperative may leverage scale.

  • One worldwide network.
  • Focus in optimizing value for your members.
  • Leveraging global resources.
  • Minimizing capital investments.
  • Keeping up with continuous technological growth.
  • Independency from a single service provider.
  • Access to International Brands.
  • Establish new local and global relationships.
  • Strengthen federations and/or operators.

  • Scale negotiation capability.
  • Access to second floor services.
  • Competitive edge in market.
  • Easy introductions of new products.
  • Services with automated support and compliance.
  • Negotiate the best possible deals with local and
    global vendors.
  • Improve Operations.
  • Share auto compliance certification platform.
  • Enable coops to leverage cloud technology.

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